Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Carry on camping

Other than the odd Duke of Edinburgh expedition during my school days, the only camping I've ever done has been at T in the Park. (The best festival in Scotland by miles!) This year is the second year in about a decade that we've not been going to TITP and I've got to say that I'm not really too disappointed by that fact. As you've all experienced, it has rained here constantly for weeks and the whole area is bound to be a soggy, filthy mud bath....not my idea of fun. However seeing all these camping lovelies in the Cath Kidston summer sale has gone some way to changing my mind. Who cares about a bit of rain when you get to wrap yourself up in your floral sleeping bag and spend the night in a cowboy teepee??? Plus they're so cheap in the sale, maybe I should stock up now in preparation for next year...or try out some glamping before then...

Cowboy Teepee Tent was £75 now £50

Stripe Camping Stool was £12 now £8

Petal Dome Tent was £85 now £60

Bath Flowers Torch was £6 now £4

Petal Sleeping Bag was £25 now £18


Are you going to any festivals this year? Go on make me jealous...


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