Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dreaming of holidays...

After a miserable summer of rain, rain and more rain, I am desperately in need of some sunshine.  To make matters worse, I've definitely started to notice the dark nights coming in earlier over the past couple of weeks and have even contemplated switching on the heating on more than one occasion! Don't get me wrong, I've not quite done it yet, but my chunky knitwear is getting way to much airtime for August as far as I'm concerned!

Hubby and I are going to Spain in a couple of weeks with some other family and friends, but we're already thinking about going further afield next year and booking a big holiday, once we've cleared a tiny percentage of our "new house debt"!

A family wedding earlier in the year brought some extended family over from South Africa and talking to them has made me really want to visit. It sounds absolutely beautiful and is definitely high up my list of places to visit.  So I've been having a wee nosey into flights to Johannesburg and they're actually really reasonably priced. Plus apparently it's really good value once you're there too.

I'd love to visit the Victoria Falls and experience a safari, they're definitely both on the bucket list! But other than that it just looks like a really beautiful country.

Have any of you been? Would you recommend it? And what other experiences should I add to my to do list??

Friday, 24 August 2012

Outfit of the day

This is a wee outfit I wore to work a couple of days ago. I've been trying to make a bit more effort with what I wear to work recently. Trying to pick my outfit the night before and get it all ironed and organised, otherwise I end up chucking an outfit together last minute before I leave and hating it for the rest of the day.

So yesterday I wore my polka dot trousers that I last wore here and teamed them with a black peplum top. I wasn't very sure about peplums at first, but I'm loving them now. They hide a multitude of sins and big lunches!

Top and trousers - M&Co
Shoes - Zara
Necklace -Fossil

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Two for one shoe porn

I've fancied a pair of high top trainers for quite a while now. As much as I love the amazing heeled styles around just now, at 5 foot 10 without heels I don't really think they're necessary! So when I spotted these beauties on the Dune website I fell in love.

In a gorgeous neutral shade and luxurious suede they look just as expensive as the Ash heeled styles, and they'll go with everything. As if that wasn't enough, a wee swipe of the side zip reveals a hidden touch of snake print. In my calculations that makes them two pairs of shoes for the price of one....and that makes the £75 price tag a total bargain!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Victoria Beckham glasses

In another life, about a million years ago, I used to work in an opticians. In fact for a while I thought I wanted to be an optician...I soon got over that though! But either way I've always had a bit of a thing for specs. Every time I get my eyes checked I always hope they're going to tell me I need to wear glasses. I'm sure I'd hate them if I actually had to wear them, but I just always think they look so sophisticated, sexy and down right trendy!

So now that the fabulous Victoria Beckham is adding to her ever growing fashion empire with a range of prescription glasses, I think it's time I booked myself in for an eye test...

The gorgeous Mrs Beckham proving my point about glasses wearers!

The range will consist of 6 styles in 3 colourways each and they will be launched in October. At a bargainous....ahem....£260 retail price, I think I'll need to start saving my pennies now and hopefully by the time I'm 50 and a glasses wearer I might even be able to afford a pair. Will you be investing in a pair?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

BAM Bamboo Clothing

I'm a bit of an online shopping geek - it comes with the occupation unfortunately. So I love it when brands launch new websites or new ways to shop. BAM Bamboo Clothing have just done exactly that. With their new mobile site from MoPowered. Visitng their site from a mobile or tablet, the site automatically optimizes itself to make your shopping experience as easy and pleasurable as possible

BAM make Eco-friendly and ethically made bamboo clothing. Having never worn bamboo clothing before I wasn't really sure what to expect. But when I received a bamboo vest and pair of socks from BAM I was more than impressed. As well as feeling really comfortable to wear and lovely and soft, I was reliably informed that they are also temperature controlled, anti-bacterial, anti-static and UV protective. Multi tasking clothing - I like it! I'm actually wearing their Bamboo vest today, so I'll maybe squeeze in a wee outfit post later to show you. It's a really flattering shape and sure to be one I wear with everything! In fact I might need to invest in more colours too.

Have a look at the BAM website and let me know what you think!

*PR sample
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