Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dreaming of holidays...

After a miserable summer of rain, rain and more rain, I am desperately in need of some sunshine.  To make matters worse, I've definitely started to notice the dark nights coming in earlier over the past couple of weeks and have even contemplated switching on the heating on more than one occasion! Don't get me wrong, I've not quite done it yet, but my chunky knitwear is getting way to much airtime for August as far as I'm concerned!

Hubby and I are going to Spain in a couple of weeks with some other family and friends, but we're already thinking about going further afield next year and booking a big holiday, once we've cleared a tiny percentage of our "new house debt"!

A family wedding earlier in the year brought some extended family over from South Africa and talking to them has made me really want to visit. It sounds absolutely beautiful and is definitely high up my list of places to visit.  So I've been having a wee nosey into flights to Johannesburg and they're actually really reasonably priced. Plus apparently it's really good value once you're there too.

I'd love to visit the Victoria Falls and experience a safari, they're definitely both on the bucket list! But other than that it just looks like a really beautiful country.

Have any of you been? Would you recommend it? And what other experiences should I add to my to do list??

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