Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kate and Wills, what a day!

I can't believe that there's been a whole year since the biggest royal event of our lifetime! ...Well the biggest one for those of us that weren't around when Charles and Diana tied the knot anyway.  It was a definite "where were you when…" kind of day, so on that note... where were you when the biggest wedding of the year (not including my own of course!) was taking place?

I was at my best friend, Fiona's house and we had a fab day. Up early to get the best front row seats (on her sofa) a lovely breakfast, and an endless supply of tea and biscuits. We were glued to every moment. We gasped when the princes first left for the wedding, sat on the edge of our seats and held our breath waiting for Kate to appear then gasped even louder when she emerged wearing THAT dress.  The dress was just perfect and truly escalated both Kate and Sarah Burton to superstardom the world over.

A few of my friends were lucky enough to be in London on the day and were able to soak up the atmosphere of the event first hand. One of them brought me back this official programme of the day (why didn't I think of having official programmes on my wedding day?!) and commemorative keyring….which my mechanic insists on laughing at every time I take my car into him. Charming!

Personally I think the day should be a national holiday, it's not everyday a princess is born (I would so not have been happy with the duchess title if it was me!) So until then I'll just have a wee cuppa to toast their my Kate and Wills teacup and saucer of course!

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