Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Magnetic nails

I love a new nail trend, so was really keen to try out the magnetic nail polishes after Nails Inc launched theirs. The polishes work by having metallic particles in them. The lid contains a magnet and when it's held close to your still wet polish it moves these particles into the design hidden in the lid. The finish is really effective. 

I actually tried the Nails Inc one a few months ago, but having never tried any of the newer brands up until now I wasn't really sure whether or not they were any good. Also my Nails Inc magnetic nails were actually done in the store in Frasers, hence the shiny, long lasting finish and much nicer shapes than my own, sat-in-the-pub-on-a-Sunday-night manicure!

Nails Inc

I love the green colour of the Nails Inc shade and think the magnetic design looks really effective. My nails didn't chip for about a week too, although that could have been helped by the fact it was done by a professional! I can't see the same green colour on the Nails Inc site now, so I don't know if it was a limited edition or if it's just sold out. Their magnetic polishes are £13 and they have 8 shades including some newer styles with a fishnet magnetic design. 

Barry M

The Barry M shade isn't as shiny and jewel-like as the Nails Inc one and to be honest the picture doesn't really do the silver and black shade justice.As I mentioned, I did these nails sat in the pub on a Sunday night, so I really shouldn't have expected much from them, but the did start to chip after just a day. I'd really love to try some of the other colours that Barry M do in the magnetic polish though as I'm usually a big fan of their polishes. They do 4 colours in total and each comes with a different design of magnetic lid. Plus the Barry M one is only £4.99 so I think i'll definitely by trying a couple more...I've got my eye on the violet shade.

Have you tried any of the magnetic polishes? I know there's a few brands out there with them now. Which is your favourite?

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