Thursday, 1 March 2012

I dream of McQueen

As a shopaholic, and more than that an online-shopaholic, I subscribe to a LOT of newsletters and emails. Each one that drops in to my inbox distracts my mind away for a few seconds and delights me with new offers, promotions and just drop dead gorgeous products. Don't get me wrong the majority of them end up in my delete folder, but a few privileged ones get a wee red flag reminder on them for my to revisit on my lunch break, credit card in hand!

However every now and then an email drops down that lives purely in the realms of fantasy....aka waaay out of my budget, and the kinds of purchases I can only dream of.

Case in point - this week's email from My Theresa. Now don't get me wrong, it's a rare treat when I can actually afford to treat myself to anything from My Theresa, but the possibility of a purchase moves even further away when the products featured are Alexander McQueen lovelies.

The statement piece that caught my eye from the email was this little beauty,

all ruffles and gorgeousness, what's not to love?? Oh, that's right.....the price tag, at £2,240 it costs more than my car's worth!!

But of course that wasn't all, and somewhere between the leopard print skull scarf, the p-midd style dress and the amazing peplum jacket I fell in love.

So now, do I floor my new house or go on a McQueen spree??? I think I know which will win.....

What's on your "it'll never happen" wishlist? Any Alexander McQueen lovelies?

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