Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday shoe porn

I'm currently on a spending ban, apparently moving house isn't cheap, who knew?! Every gorgeous dress, handbag or pair of shoes I see I immediately translate into how many sets of curtains or rolls of wallpaper I could buy for the same amount. It's a sad day when you find more pleasure in a new ceiling lamp than a new clutch bag. 

Anyway while this self inflicted spending ban is in place I'll just need to entertain myself with some window shopping/dreaming. And this weekend I've been mostly dreaming of these stunning Enigma shoes from Kurt Geiger. 

I have no idea where I'd ever wear these shoes, so maybe it's best they stay in dream shoe land. But I love the the metallic toe cap detail and the mule shape. Plus the beautiful pale mint colour really reminds me of the SS12 Louis Vuitton campaign....which therefore means the £140 Kurt Geiger beauties are actually a total bargain!

Spending ban?? What spending ban?!

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